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Fruit Crème Cookie

Popular in Canada and the UK, Fruit Crème cookies are recognizable for their golden scalloped tops surrounding a red jelly center, sprinkled with sugar crystals. These round cookies have a light creme filling an an ornate cookie bottom.

We will use this pretty cookie form to explore how to set up a file that has a combination of cuts within cuts, a rastered design and uses a variety of materials.


• 1/8” baltic birch plywood 10 x 10”

• White felt or foam approx. 10 x 10"

• Red hot glue sticks or red glitter glue

• Clear or silver glitter


• 100 grit sand paper or a sanding sponge 

• Hot glue gun

• Scissors


1. Download and open a fc_cookie file.

You’ll see that this file consists of a top and a two different cookie bottoms. The patterning on the top and bottom of this cookie will be engraved. The centre of the cookie top will be cut out, leaving a space for the jelly filling.




2. Complete the design of the blank cookie bottom by adding your own patterning, text or image to the centre of the design. Recall that any text you add should be converted into outlines.

3. A useful tool for working on a round design is the Rotate tool. You can find this on your main tool palette.

4. With the rotate tool, you are able to select an element you want copied, choose a point that you want it turned around and then indicate the angle that you want it copied to. To see the rotate settings window, hold down the "option" key (mac) or "alt" key (pc) as you select your axis point. Note that if you don't know the angle you want your next element to appear at, you can enter 360 divided by the number of elements you want in your circle. Be sure to select the copy button when you are done. Once you have successfully, copied one element over, you can use "Command+D" to re-do the rotate command for the remainder of the circle.

5. Once you have completed your design, layout an equal number of cookie tops and bottoms so that they fit on your material.

6. Send your files to be cut. Sand all pieces when you get them back.

7. For the middle cream, you can laser cut circles out of felt, or you can cut them out using a pair of scissors.

8. To create the jelly top, lay your cookie top on a non-stick surface, like a piece of wax paper.

9. Heat up your hot glue gun and pour a blob of glue into the cookie top centre. Before it cools, sprinkle some of the clear glitter on it.  If you have trouble finding coloured hot glue sticks, glitter glue can work just as well- it will just need longer drying time. 

10. Stack a cookie bottom, a felt middle and a cookie top together. You can use a small dab of glue to make sure that they stick together. 


Found Parts

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