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Eggo Waffle

A waffle gets its distinctive patterning from the process of cooking leavened batter between two cast iron plates. While the most popular style of waffles originates from Belgium, there are many varieties around the world including the now iconic Eggo Waffle; a pre-cooked frozen waffle that can be re-heated in a home toaster.
Eggo Waffles were invented by three brothers in San Jose, California in 1953 and continue to be a popular breakfast food to this day.

In this recipe we will use the Eggo Waffle form to work with layering materials of different thicknesses.


• 1/8” baltic birch plywood 10 x 10”

• 1/4" baltic birch plywood 10 x 10"


• 100 grit sand paper, a sanding sponge or a nail file

• Wood glue

• Clamps

• Bright poster, acrylic or spray paint


1. Download and open the waffle file.

You’ll see that this file consists of 2 artboards. Artboard one is to be cut out of 1/4" plywood, artboard two out of 1/8" plywood.

2. To begin, you will need to make a copy of the waffle shape as you will need 2 waffle shapes cut out of the 1/8" Plywood. You can do this either with the copy command or by selecting the entire shape and dragging it over while holding down the "option" (mac) or "alt" (pc) key down.

3. To make the artwork for the middle layer, begin by making a copy of on of the blue circles. This will be the starting point, as we are looking to make a circle that is slightly bigger than this one.

4. With the circle selected, bring up the Offset Path command. This can be found under Path in the Object drop-down menu.

5. The Offset Path tool, allows you to indicate by how much you want to size your shape outwards or inwards. Keep in mind that the amount that you are entering here is applied all around your shape. So an increase of .1" will result in your shape being .2" wider.

6. Once you complete the Offset command, you will have 2 nested circles, the new offset one and the original. Delete the original, smaller circle and move the final larger shape to the 1/4" artboard.

7. Send your Waffle pieces to be cut making sure to indicate which artboards are for what materials. 

8. When you get them back, use a small file to soften the edges on one side of each of the waffle cut pieces and on the edges of the 1/4" middle piece.

9. Before gluing all the parts together, give all the pieces an initial coat of paint.

10. Glue all three pieces together with the 1/4" circle in the middle. You can use some clamps or painter's tape to hold it all together while it dries.

11. As a final step, give the over all shape a light sanding and one last coat of paint.

Playing with Scale

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